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V Bentley

Sam P is fabulous! I was looking for a new stylist and serendipity brought me to Blush. As I was donating 8”+ of hair, it was going to be quite the change. Sam took her time with a (free) consultation and really listened. She ultimately gave me the best cut I’ve had in years. I’ve since had many compliments on her work and will definitely send them to Sam (& Blush)!

Kevin S

Blush canceled my apt the day before I was supposed to have it. I immediately booked with another salon in the area because of the lack of professionalism from Blush. My wife did the same thing and we will be much happier with a different salon. Businesses that don’t value their customers won’t last very long and I am sure many others will find that out about Blush soon enough.

Peggy Siravo

Go to Grace she is by far the Best I have ever had. This salon is very comfortable. Prices are comparable and if you go they serve you free coffee water snacks and soft pretzels . You don't get that service too often anymore. Also the owner Michelle is very nice. If you can't get grace ask for Danielle. I tried other s and none compare.

Francesca Bandin

They need to go back to the beauty hair academy, not happy with color neither hairstyle.

Sarah Frack

Love you, Emma! I have been to so many hair salons and stuck with Blush. They have wonderful services, the atmosphere is great, making an appointment and getting fit in is easy, and the prices are reasonable.

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