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Melissa O'Neill

I have been going to Blush for a few years now and I always have the best experience! All of the staff is super friendly and professional! My stylist Samantha Kiefer is the absolute best! She truly is amazing at her job and always makes my hair look perfect! Every time I leave Blush I look like I'm ready to hit the runway!

Judy Miller

Michele is fantastic business owner and stylist. The atmosphere at Blush is professional and has a relaxed inviting atmosphere. Everyone is very accommodating and friendly. Michele has been styling my hair for years and always does a tremendous job.

Janine Waters

Came here for the first time to have my hair and makeup done for a formal event. Samantha did both, and was friendly, bubbly, and incredibly talented! Loved the look she created and how welcoming both she and the rest of the salon staff were. Will definitely be coming back when I have another fancy event!

Amanda Jefferson

I have been going to Blush for years, and I love it. I look forward to the amazing shampoo service, complete with scalp massage and heated aromatherapy eye pillow. My stylist MaryBeth is so talented and I get compliments on my hair all the time! They even offer complimentary bang trims in between visits.

Debbi Coren

I was a long-time impressed customer. I had to reschedule a few appointments (always called in advance to do so) , which I know is a huge inconvenience for them to deal with and equates to a lost slot someone else could have had. My reschedules occurred due to extreme health problems I was wrestling with , which I communicated, but I guess in the end , despite my apologies when I’d reschedule, my offers to pay in advance and my generous tipping, I didn’t make the cut as far as who they’d let in. My 17 yr old daughter had begun to go there and loved it and showed up to an appointment at the usual location. They told her she was supposed to be at their new location and angrily said ‘We told your mom you needed to come to this different location when she set the appointment!’ My daughter thought to herself ‘ my mom didn’t make my appointment. I did. And you did not tell me this.’ I don’t know why they’d think I’d be making appointments for my grown daughter but they jumped right on blaming me?! My calls were also ignored when I tried to make future appointments. Unfortunately living up to their reputation.

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