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Dr. Victor Sage

Blush Salon did a great job yesterday, the service was on point. Michele cut and styled my hair and it was awesome. My 8 yr old daughter asked when I got home if I got my hair cut and I replied "yes, why?" to which she replied "you look younger". OH YEAH!!! Looking younger! So I got that going for me. Thanks ladies!

V Bentley

Sam P is fabulous! I was looking for a new stylist and serendipity brought me to Blush. As I was donating 8”+ of hair, it was going to be quite the change. Sam took her time with a (free) consultation and really listened. She ultimately gave me the best cut I’ve had in years. I’ve since had many compliments on her work and will definitely send them to Sam (& Blush)!

Carol Gibbons

Nicolette is amazing! She fixed a botched biolage from another salon and I love my hair now. :)

Kevin S

Blush canceled my apt the day before I was supposed to have it. I immediately booked with another salon in the area because of the lack of professionalism from Blush. My wife did the same thing and we will be much happier with a different salon. Businesses that don’t value their customers won’t last very long and I am sure many others will find that out about Blush soon enough.

Peggy Siravo

Go to Grace she is by far the Best I have ever had. This salon is very comfortable. Prices are comparable and if you go they serve you free coffee water snacks and soft pretzels . You don't get that service too often anymore. Also the owner Michelle is very nice. If you can't get grace ask for Danielle. I tried other s and none compare.

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