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Maura Crago

Great salon with lots of amenities. The stylists are great and they take Covid precautions seriously.


The first time I went here I got highlights and it was great. It looked really nice and I was very happy about the results. I came back after a few months to get my roots re-done but ended up with something I was not so pleased with. I think the lady re-highlighted the same parts that were highlighted before again, which made them thicker and streakier. (I go to salons to get my hair professionally done to avoid chunky/streaky highlights but i guess not) She was very busy with other customers as well and I was there for over 2 hours just for partial highlights. (longer than the first time i went there when I did more than just highlights) My hair is not a total disaster now but it was VERY expensive and I ended up having to buy toners and try to fix my own hair. I take partial blame tho because I did not explain what I wanted very clearly but I thought that saying "I want to get my roots highlighted to match with the rest of my hair" would be good enough. (it felt awkward to tell her that i didn't like it when she asked, i know i should have said something but i feel like as a professional, highlights aren't the hardest thing to do)

Heather Munro

I had a very specific haircut in mind that I wanted and Grace was absolutely AMAZING at giving me that haircut. She asked questions before during and after to make sure I got exactly what I was looking for. I've had many bad experiences at other salons and have anxiety about getting haircuts now but blush was nothing short of excellent. Everything felt professional, personal, clean and sanitary.

Amber Kirylak

Love this Salon. Service is excellent, shop is clean and stylists very experienced.

Debra Walker

I was long overdue for a cut and Meghan was perfect in helping me decide what I needed with both style and color

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